Preset Styles

The Style Settings panel in the Gantry based theme administration interface provides several options for configuring the main built in stylistic aspects of the template.


Gantry also provides the ability for you to create your own custom presets based on any parameter in the theme administrator. You should determine which parameters you wish to configure to be a part of the presets.

Assigning a Style to a Specific Page

With Gantry, the ability to assign a certain style to an individual page has never been easier and/or more efficient. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard → Epsilon Settings
  • Create new or edit existing override
  • Select your preset from Show Presets, configure and save.

Select the checkbox next to the parameter you wish to modify, it will then become active, and you can modify as you wish. Clicking ???Save??? in the toolbar will then save this configuration.

Gantry Framework: Per Override Controls

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